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Worksheet 1

English language Association of your school have prepared and released a students' magazine.

Write an email to one of your close friends telling him/her about the magazine.

In your email, you should:

  • explain your role in the magazine work
  • give one or two good things you see in the magazine
  • say the positive result of the magazine
  • Task.1: Read the paragraph given below and decide whether the following statements about it are true or false.

    In fact, I am quite enthusiastic to inform you one thing. The ELA of our school have released our students' magazine. It is my privilege to say that I was the student editor of the magazine. When I agreed to bear that office, my wish was to excel you in the work. Last year's magazine was simply great and you're the hero. Though my dream didn't work like that, there're really things I like about it We've done an interview, but this time, it was just the other way round. Teachers asked and students answered. Give me a hand. It clicked. You won't believe! But, Riyaz really hit out against our system. Another fantastic thing was the design. I was very particular that Saina should do it. She is our Miss Imaginative. (132 Words)

    Task.2: Write the sentences (in the given paragraph) which you find as relevant in content and appropriately informal in register.

    Task.3: Edit and rewrite the sentences you find as formal in informal register.





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