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We offer online courses which are designed to meet the specific requirements and ability level of the leaner. The information you provide will be processed and a course module and resources will be recommended accordingly.

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Our materials and courses are flexible and non-prescriptive and they aim to make the learners exercise his/her creativity. English being an international language, the learners are sensitised to this wide variety of English language.

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The best thing about this is the "here and now approach". English is no longer "their"language. Our study of it is as it is needed at our place and at our time.

Namita Xavier

I'm teaching IGCSE English as a Second Language. It was always a challenge how to teach writing informal & formal writing. The guided writing worksheets offer real breakthrough.


Reading cards of this site are the first of their kind online. We have only seen them in hard. They offer a fun way to comprehension of imaginative and formation text.

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Language Centre is conceived as a platform where educators and students across the globe access and create resources for English language learning.

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